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Hilariously Ridiculously Hilarious

Clare and Danno are responsible for numerous strangers stopping to stare at me while I’m lol-ing under my earbuds out in public. I imagine all the dialogue is just the two of them riffing spontaneously, unscripted. Wondering if that’s actually the case. Regardless, they are hilarious!

Wonderfully crazy

Always a good laugh and comedy that comes right out of left field.

Delightfully absurd and funny comedy or in their own words "the reverse psychology of reverse psychology".

Free, five-star entertainment.

The EXPERTEASE comedy podcast is a welcome break in the day. Episodes are only about 10 minutes long and the expert comedy writers posing as experts in other fields is hilarious. Free, five-star entertainment.

Expertly done

Wish i could give a review for every expertise in the title😉

Clever and Funny!

This podcast is the perfect antidote to our trying times. The rapport between the two hosts is delightful. The length is perfect and it makes me laugh out loud.


Do you enjoy funny people? Do you have a paltry working knowledge of a wide array of subjects? Then Expertease (spelled wrong, naturally) is the podcast for you — two delightful, funny people imparting their gems of wisdom to you, the inexpert listener. Highly recommend.

Straight from the experts

These experts have so expertly teased us. Great comedic writing and tremendously funny. I have replayed these episodes for myself and others who crave expert knowledge from these experts. Expertly done!